Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laser Golf Swing Analyser

Hi and welcome to Laser Golf Swing Analyser. Laser golf not only checks your practice swing but allows you to play golf right in your living room.

Latest News

January 2009
LaserGolf in partnership with Actlabs and New Star Tech is about to launch the next generation of hardware and software for playing golf right in your living room. The next version of software supports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008. The new product should be avaliable early in 2009.
The picture above shows the upgraded version 4.0 of the LaserGolf software driver with improved graphical interface showing exact details of your swing at impact.

What is Laser Golf

It's the first realistic game for the PC to let you play golf like you want to - with a club, not a mouse. And it gives you superb graphics and sounds, real courses and challenging game play.
Play one hole and you're hooked!

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as seen on TV during
Playing LaserGolf with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2005

Promotional Video

Videos of the Laser Golf Swing Analyser with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008

Video of Laser Golf base unit function

Video of Laser Golf Putting function

Video of Laser Golf Fairway Shot

Video of Laser Golf showing Multi screens

Video of Laser Golf showing Analyser Software

Pictures of LaserGolf in Action

Some People player Lasergolf on a plasma screen and PC

Even left handed players can play at the same time.